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Creating Stunning Images on dark T-Shirts

Printing on dark materials is a tricky process, but it is truly worth it and the results can be stunning!

We use two methods to create our dark T-shirts :

  • Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

  • White Toner, 2 Step Transfer

The first method involves printing the artwork and registration marks onto the white vinyl, using our UV printer. We then simply cut, transfer to the application tape and press onto the garment. The white vinyl blocks any saturation of colour from the garment and thus, maintains the image's vibrancy.

The second method involves printing in reverse onto laser toner transfer paper and then using a white overprint on top of the image. When the image is pressed onto the garment, the white toner blocks any colour from the garment.

Both have their pros and cons in terms of effort to create, print durability and feel. It's a fine balance between selecting which method is best to meet the customer's needs.

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